Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lady Liberty

One of the best ways of visiting Jersey City is with a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coaches or school bus hired from New Charter Bus. Jersey City’s central location near the island of Manhattan makes it an ideal destination for business visitor and tourist alike. If you are traveling with a group on a charter bus, New Jersey makes an ideal focal point from which to base and plan your travels.
No single image more symbolizes the United States than the Statue of Liberty. Comprising of Liberty Island and Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty was gazetted as a national monument by President Coolidge in 1924. It is located in in Upper New York Bay, just a mile from Jersey City.
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the United States, in recognition of the friendship between the two nations since the War of Independence. The statue was designed by Frédéric Bartholdi in 1865, and dedicated in 1886. The Statue of Liberty is a robed female figure mean to represent the Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas. She holds a torch in her right hand, signifying freedom, and a tablet in the left, representing the law. A broken chain lies at her feet, showing that the chains for imprisonment have been broken.
Ellis Island was the primary entry point for immigration into the United States from 1892 to 1954. Through the years, it is estimated that Ellis Island processed over 10.5 million immigrants. The Immigration Museum, located in the former Main Immigration Building, houses photographs and artifacts from the period when Ellis Island served as an Immigration entry point. There is a wall of fame, where famous immigrants first entered the United States through Ellis Island. The museum’s library was named the “Bob Hope Memorial Library” was named in honor of the famous entertainer, who was an immigrant processed through Ellis Island.
Access to the Statue of Liberty National Monument is via ferry. Visitors have a choice of landing either on Liberty Island and leaving via Ellis Island, or vice versa. Admission to the monument is free, but tickets have to be purchased for the ferry ride. Private boat landings are not permitted on the islands, and this is severely enforced by the Park Police.
If you and your group take a charter bus from New Charter Bus, you will find easy access to the ferry landings. New Charter Bus’ friendly, personalized service will make your visit to America’s symbol of freedom one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tips for New Charter Bus Travelers

If booking a trip for a group is your next task, you're at the right place. We have some tips that will make understanding as well as booking a charter bus trip stress free for new charter bus travelers.
Curious about how booking and riding on a charter bus works? New charter bus travelers will be surprised at how easy the process of setting up group travel really is. Our trained representatives will take your call and ask you three main questions. First of all they will ask when you would like to book your trip so we may service a bus for your group. Then you will be asked where you'd like to go and last but not least, you'll need to tell us how many people will be going on your charter bus trip. This will enable your representative to create a charter bus package that will best fit the number of passengers as well as your budget.
We know that any company can simply rent you a bus. Our commitment to making each and every trip we charter run smoothly from start to finish is why we've had the opportunity to transport millions of people nationwide to their destinations that include personal travel, corporate travel as well as political campaigns. Seasoned as well as new charter bus travelers find that our buses are well above average in comfort and style.
Not sure of a good reason to book a charter bus? Many people new to charter bus travel aren't sure of reasons for using a charter bus. Literally, your imagine is your only option. For both business as well as individual groups that are on sightseeing tours. If you have a group of history buffs, a genealogical society or people that simply want to trace their ancestors, or art lovers will enjoy a museum and art gallery crawl.
Additionally, consider a charter bus rental for a bachelor or bachelorette party. You can concentrate on having a good time with your friends and celebrating the upcoming nuptials instead of worrying about finding a parking places, getting everyone together and then worrying about finding a designated driver can take away from a time you're supposed to be celebrating with your friends. Instead let us supply the mode of transportation in the form of a bus rental as well as the driver and you'll get to fully enjoy your night out with your friends.
We know that you have choices when you're putting together a charter bus trip and as a new charter bus traveler you probably have questions. Please call us and ask away - we're ready and waiting to take your call and happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about using a charter bus.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

J. Paul Getty Trust and LACMA – LA Art Museums and Galleries

To say that Los Angeles is a melting pot of culture is quite an understatement in itself – it is more so here than in any other parts of the country and that is because others tend to target Los Angeles because it is considered the land of possibilities, the land of future promises. Hence, it is filled to the brim with people from all walks of life, culture, religion and beliefs. A visit here always opens one's eyes, for your information. You could be heading over in your party bus, charter bus, new bus charter, or your own vehicle, the experience would all be the same – magical.
For one, if you want to get a taste of what Los Angeles has to offer, you would have to, at the very least, visit a couple of the eight hundred and forty one museums and art galleries in LA. Yes, you heard right...there are right about nearly eight hundred and fifty of them in LA and it is a fact that LA has more museums per capita in any other city on the planet. The problem with having so many museums is that it makes it confusing for visitors and tourists when deciding which museum or art gallery to visit – they all have their own charm but here are a few suggestions to get you going.
The J. Paul Getty Trust is one of the largest and wealthiest art institution in the world with more than five billion endowment and the establishment puts the money to good use, of course, which is to promote and introduce art to not just people of LA but to people all around the world. There are two Getty's museum and gallery – one is right smack in the middle of Los Angeles while the other is in Pacific Palisades' Getty Villa.
The other museum that should not be missed would the LACMA which stands for Los Angeles County Museum of Art which is also known as the largest encyclopedia of artwork and exhibits.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Picking The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue In Los Angeles

While there is no lacking in wedding reception destinations in Los Angeles, having too many choices can be quite a headache as well. Well, lady luck is shining for you because we have decided to write about a few of those choices to make the decision-taking process that you are experiencing now less painful.
First and foremost, we love what our new charter bus customers have to say about Descanso Gardens which offer not only spacious outdoor wedding reception area but there is also the indoor setting is almost fairy-tale-like. This is the kind of wedding reception designed just for people who love outdoors...and if you are worried about the weather and how it will ruin your wedding, well...have you not heard or read about how amazing the Los Angeles weather can be? Read up about it and cast your wedding worries aside. Descanso Garden's Zen Garden and Rose Pavillion are so gorgeous that we are not even kidding about that.
The Lobo Castle, on the other hand, calls out to the little Princess girl in all of us. I mean, let's face it, many of us want to be marry a Prince Charming and as much as we try to deny that, the longing lies in a very deep part of our soul. If given a chance, we would want to exchange vows in a castle and live happily ever after. We will deal with reality a little later after that.
The Lobos Castle is available for rental all year round but proves to be a popular wedding reception venue during summer and fall months. While we can take care of your new charter bus rental needs with our packages, the Lobo Castle can handle the catering instead.
Getting married is a big thing so, we are sure there can be lots of built-up tension while organizing it. If you cannot afford to hire a wedding planner, our advice is – don't let the small things get to you...pick your battles and your perfect wedding will be just fine.