Thursday, December 19, 2013

Visit the Outskirts of San Jose

For something a little different, instead of traveling to downtown San Jose, why don’t you hop on to a charter bus and visit the outskirts of the city to enjoy the sights instead? There are lots of other interesting things to see and places to experience just outside downtown.

Buildings on the Outskirts

Winchester Mystery House
  • Where: 525 South Winchester Blvd
  • When: 9am - 7pm
  • What: A house that belonged to Sarah Winchester, a Winchester Rifle heiress who believed that as long as construction at the house continued, she will not be cursed by ghosts who were killed by Winchester guns. The construction of this house took 38 years and the house is filled with mazes, stairs that don’t go anywhere and other weird architecture.
  • How much: Mansion Tour $26 / Behind-the-Scenes Tour $23 / Grand Estate Tour $31
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