Thursday, November 7, 2013

LA’s Plushiest Diners

As quickly as we would be to admit that visiting Los Angeles is almost always about hitting the beaches, surfing things up, making new friends and perhaps going to parks and tourist hotspots, we think Los Angeles are pretty serious about good food and authentic cuisine too. People don’t think of coming to Los Angeles for specific food and instead, they are often engulfed in a passion to find something different - Los Angeles is not known as a culinary melting pot for nothing.
Finding a good restaurant in Los Angeles isn’t tough at all, with or without the help of reviewers and critics easily found on the internet, because there is one at every corner of Los Angeles downtown area. The hard part is deciding on a single one to try out.
If you are looking for something fancy, we assure you that it is PRECISELY that that you will find in Spago Restaurant. Chef Wolfgang Puck is a very well-known chef in this corner of the world and he is known to be friends with many celebrity friends hence, if you are really lucky, you might bump into your favorite celebrity while dining out at this upscale restaurant. One would think that a restaurant of this scale would be cold, calculating and pretentious - we were really surprised with the kind of royalty treatment we were given, despite us not being celebrities or anyone famous, for that matter. So, tips hat for being friendly and warm with everyone, including unknowns like us.
Another restaurant deserving of a shoutout from us would be The Stinking Rose Restaurant. Don’t be turned off by the inauspicious name (the owners must have really taken a gamble on the name) because the name came from the fact that most of their dishes features what they love the most - garlic. You get the name now, don’t you? Anyway, the chefs know their way around the freshest ingredients in Los Angeles...this is their feature and marketing tool. Nothing but fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers.
For mouth-watering fanfare with a view, the place to be at would be Red Restaurant and Bar. Suffice to say, being located on top of a hill has its pluses. Located atop San Gabriel Mountains, once you are there, you will be treated to some of the best dishes money can buy, an unrivalled view over Los Angeles and plush atmosphere.
Now that we have that down pat, give us a call if you are organizing a group gathering, corporate meeting, business function, event, family gathering, bachelor or bachelorette party or a birthday bash. We would love to be a part of your event.